You Are New to Yoga?

•    All classes are 60 minutes and conducted in English and/or Vietnamese.
•    All levels are welcome.
•   First-time students must arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class in order to register. Latecomers will not be admitted.
•   You can visit Yoga Sculpt n Shape studio any time before, during and after the classes. To be thoroughly welcomed, please call our hotline at 091 637 1008 for appoitment.



•    Read the Class Guidelines (click here).
•    Come on an empty stomach – do not eat two hours prior to class.
Come fully hydrated – drink lots of water prior to class.
Advise the trainer of any medical conditions or physical restrictions – even if they might seem trivial to you.



•    Men wear work-out or swimming shorts; t-shirt optional.
•    Women wear shorts, capris, or fitted leggings and a sports bra, camisole or tank top.
•    No long baggy pants or sweats, please!
•    No excessive jewelry.
•    Please leave valuables at home.



•    Your membership card (will be provided upon your registration).
•    A bottle of water (if you need it during class).



•    Free motorbike parking & 50% discount on car parking, please show the guard your membership card.
•    Drinking water, tea & coffee, mats & towels are served at no charge (of course you can bring your own mat).
•    Shower rooms are available at your usage.
•   Yoga Sculpt n Shape reserves the right to refuse admission to any person to its yoga classes when it is determined that such admission may adversely affect the class or other students. This is to promote harmony and is for the benefit of the entire class. Thank you for your understanding!


IMG 6848-You are new to yoga-Co Oanh va Thuy