Desmond Quinn


Two things: this is not my journey, and I'm no teacher.
First thing: yoga is an inward journey, it's a journey into you, it's your journey. I don't have your answers. I'm just another infinitesimally tiny spark of light in the ineffable blank vastness of infinity; I don't even have my own answers yet.  The best I can do is share what experiences and impressions and factoids I'm picking up on my own journey, and there's precious few of them. But everything I have is yours. I don't believe in holding back.  
Second thing: I prefer not to be referenced as a teacher. I squirm a little inside when expediency requires that I describe myself as a yoga teacher. There was a time when no-one would have the balls to brand themselves that way unless they were the sort of cat who would routinely sit quietly and comfortably for six or eight hours without breathing. So I don't feel qualified.  
And then there's ego. In our game, as ego goes up, growth goes down. And providence, in it's wisdom, endowed me with the full leonine entitlement. Watching the bastard is an all-day, every-day... I was going to say "practice", but "cage fight" is more descriptive. I'm not where I want to end up, I have a long way yet to grow. So I can't do any mantles. I'm a student who sometimes accepts an honorarium for rocking around in a studio while his fellow students are trying to practice and nagging them to keep their palms grounded in down dog or whatever. I'm not sure that's okay, but I've got a baby girl to feed, and I would mug people in the street with a ballpeen hammer for her, so I console myself that taking money as noted is relatively benign, as ethical compromises go.  
I should wind this up before I start to ramble. Unless otherwise noted, it will be non-denominational power vinyasa, usually weighted towards the more vigorous end of things. Modify how you want, it's your journey, all I ask is that you stay in your breath. Because that's what makes it yoga, right?
See you soon! Love!
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