Mai Pham

Mai Pham in yoga pose

My every moment on the yoga mat is simply a moment of happiness, a moment that I'm living my true life.

10 years with yoga is not a very long time, yet more than enough for me to appreciate the amazing changes it has been offering me: strength & flexibility to my body, inner peace to my mind, and compassion to my heart.

With 200-hour RYT qualified in Thailand, I've been contributing my humble part as a yoga coach at Yoga Sculpt n Shape Studio, RMIT University, and many other organizations. I've been also offering private classes to accommodate your busy schedule.

Doing yoga is, to me, far more than just work-out. I practice with deep sense of love for myself, for my family, and for the universe. I enjoy every move. I enjoy every breath. I enjoy the feeling of letting-go...

I hope yoga will be offering you what it has been offering me. See you on the yoga mat!


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